Finally, an invention that will keep your stuff from being stolen at the beach

The problem with going to the beach is that you could lose your valuables if you leave them lying around. Unless, of course, you have your own safe with you.

The Beach Vault is a handy contraption that you can screw down into the sand, allowing you to store your stuff securely. The idea for the product came from couple Krystal and Marcal DaCunha, who grew tired of having to be constantly on alert-mode while on vacation.

“We were driving home from the beach and I said to my husband Marcal how annoyed and paranoid I was at the beach,” Krystal told Mashable. “Our son was very young and I was tired. All I wanted to do was take a nap and I couldn’t because I was watching keys, wallets and cellphones.”

“As I complained to him, I remembered an idea I had in college while taking an innovative and creativity course,” she added. “That night we went to work.”

Using the waterproof container is simple. Just screw it into the sand until it levels off with the ground, then place your valuables inside. To conceal it even further, the Beach Vault comes with a towel and pillow, which serve as drapes.

And if you buy two, you can use the second one as a makeshift cooler!

The Beach Vault is available here for $US39 – although the first batch have sold out.

Via Mashable

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