We all need this plate that absorbs excess oil from food

A Thai ad agency has come up with a plate that soaks up the excess oils from your greasy meals.

According to studies, Thailand has the second-highest obesity rate in Southeast Asia. To address this problem, BBDO Bangkok decided that instead of changing the way Thais cook their food, they’ll just change the way they serve it.

Enter the AbsorbPlate, a sponge-like dinner plate that has 500 perforations able to catch and hold grease.

The agency claims it can soak up to seven millilitres of oil – equal to 30 calories on average. Considering you need to reduce 500 calories a day to shed a pound it’s not much, but it’s a start.

The Thai Health Promotion Foundation is already testing the concept, having distributed the plates to local restaurants.

Via Fine Dining Lovers