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Yes, Burger King has a fast food sauna in Finland

Burger King may be famous for their flame-grilled burgers, but in Finland they’re also trying to develop a reputation for steam-wrinkled customers, with one franchise in Helsinki opening a spa in their restaurant!

And they haven’t half-arsed their bare arse facilities either.

There’s a 15-person sauna with a 48-inch TV, shower and bathroom facilities, dressing room, and a media room featuring a big-screen TV, stereo equipment, and a Playstation 4.

Obviously there will be food on offer, with BK staff taking orders and delivering food directly to the steam room – although they note there is no crockery or cutlery allowed in the sauna, so you weirdos who eat burgers with a knife and fork are going to have to embrace your inner neanderthal.

As to who the target audience for this sweaty dining experience, BK say it’s “suited for private and business outings, birthdays and for watching major sporting events”.

Given the spa is licensed – featuring a fridge stocked with beer and cider – and that hiring it out on a Friday or Saturday also gets you free entry into the nightclub next door, we can assume that the ‘birthdays’ happening at this BK won’t be the children’s variety.

In fact, this family restaurant appears to be anticipating some adults-only situations, with their website advertising that their “10-seater sauna” has “capacity for up to 15 bathers”. McSteamy.

Want to rent it out? Three hours of exclusive use will set you back 250 euros ($AUD390) and includes towel hire (BK have, of course, created logoed towels) toiletries, and seat covers.

Between the delicious hamburgers, plenty of steam, and even a chance to see the Aurora Borealis, a trip to Finland sounds a bit like lunch at Principal Seymour Skinner’s house.

To paraphrase Superintendant Chalmers: “Finland, you’re an odd country. But you steam a good ham.”


Sauna in a Burger King
Dressing room of a sauna in a Burger King