Finally! Smart suitcases are becoming a THING

There is nothing more frustrating in the world than disembarking a 20-hour long-haul flight and finding out your luggage has been lost.

Even for the most prepared, there’s only so far that the toothbrush and extra set of underwear you crammed into your hand luggage will get you.

Thankfully, suitcase companies like Bluesmart and Samsonite are beginning to launch smart suitcases to reduce the chances of that happening.

Equipped with features such as GPS tracking, phone chargers, digital display screens (in place of baggage tags) and built-in scales, smart luggage is shaping up to be the handiest travel item since the invention of the smartphone.

German luggage brand Rimowa has designed a smart suitcase that replaces airline baggage tags with a digital display screen – allowing customers to check in their luggage via an app, and simply drop it off once arriving at the airport. Currently, only Lufthansa flights are compatible with the technology, but others are expected to get involved by mid next year.

Raden is another brand working on smart suitcases. Offering both carry-on and undercarriage size pieces, the tech-focussed luggage includes built-in USB chargers, GPS tracking, and digital scales. Once again, an app has been developed with the luggage; offering information like the best route to the airport, expected travel wait times, and destination weather.

With the first ‘smart suitcases’ on the market priced between $US225 and $US670, it seems like this technology will be a relatively affordable solution to some of the most horrific aspects of air travel.

Via Fortune


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