#Coffeeinacone is set to become the world’s most Instagrammable coffee

If you take Dayne Levinrad’s word for it, this is the most Instagrammed coffee in the world.

He’s the barista who coined the #coffeeinacone hashtag, which has been shared more than 1 million times. That’s pretty special, considering that the coffee cones are only served at The Grind cafe in Johannesburg.

Why hasn’t it been tried before? Levinrad says it took lots of perseverance to deliver the perfect product he’s got now (so perfect it’s patented!).

He knew that consumers loved ice-cream, coffee and chocolate. His decision to combine the trifecta was initially problematic, as the wafer was too thin to hold any coffee.

“We bought our own machine and started rolling our own wafer cones, using different flours, but the chocolate still melted. We couldn’t have any leakage,” he explained.

The technique that worked was layering four types of chocolate into the cones, which allow customers ten minutes before the chocolate and wafer melts.

Levinrad’s digital marketing background allowed the ingenious creation to flourish online. He worked for four years as a coffee consultant in Brazil, Australia and Los Angeles. When he returned to South Africa, he knew he had the opportunity to make a serious impact.

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Sometimes you have to drive all the way to JHB, to get a COFFEE IN A CONE?☕️? #coffeeinacone #guiltypleasures

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