This new Chinese laundry commercial is the most racist ad of all time

Well, that got very racist, very quickly.

We’ve certainly got our own issues with race here in Australia, but it’s comforting depressing to find out that we’re definitely not alone.

An ad for Qiaobi-brand laundry detergent has gone viral in China for being just, the most racist damn thing you’ll ever see.

It starts off on a fairly normal note, a painter (who just so happens to be black) comes back from work covered in paint.

He goes to kiss his partner (or random woman at the laundromat), but she’s not having a bar of it – so she does what any racist would do, and shoves him in the washing machine.

The detergent then magically turns him into a Chinese man!

That is some powerful detergent.

For many very obvious reasons, the ad, which has been shown on television and in cinemas, went viral all over Chinese social media website WeChat.

Interestingly, like the ‘Lewis Vuitton’ handbags you can buy in Hong Kong, the ad is a cheap knock-off.

An Italian detergent ad had the exact same premise, but was far more complimentary to darker skinned people, with the woman turning her scrawny Italian husband into a strapping, black male model.