The brutality and brilliance of the London Rollergirls

Ten women on wheels, skating at furious pace around a flat track and slamming into one another with complete disregard for their – let alone their opponent’s – health or wellbeing. Welcome to the London Rollergirls, presented by iD Mobile as part of the ‘New Originals’ series.

A game of speed and brutality, roller derby is one of the world’s fastest growing female sports.

Like any successful sport, the rules of roller derby are pretty straightforward. Very broadly, each team has five members – one jammer and four defensive players. The jammer is the sole point-scorer, and chalks up points by passing the members of the opposing team. The defensive players are there to both protect their own jammer, and try stop the opposition jammer from getting in front. Most points at the end wins.

But while it’s virtually anything goes when the girls hit the track (obviously certain acts – like tripping, deliberately falling or elbowing in the face or chest – aren’t on) fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion has seen the London Rollergirls, the first amateur roller derby league ever established in the UK, flourish for the past decade.

It’s a league that welcomes any and all; whatever your nationality, sexuality, race, creed or – importantly – body type, there’s a place for all women at the Rollergirls.

That is, as long as you’ve got the attitude. And make no mistake, the London Rollergirls are all about attitude.

Broken bones are common enough, as are nights spent in the gym, making sure you’re in peak condition for the next match. And if you’re not focussed come game time, you’re as likely to be slammed to the ground by a flying defender.

Girly? Boring? Hell no.

The London Rollergirls are brutal, bad-ass bringing people together.

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