People are revealing their sex stories to be made into films

Video Shorts

In her multi-volume series XConfessions, artist Erika Lust crowdsources sex stories and turns the erotic tales into short films.

Fresh from two sold out screenings in Berlin, Lust has released Volume 6 of her audiovisual project. It features ten stories from anonymous senders detailing their kinky fantasies.

From whips and chains, to GoPros, to naughty stripteases, this latest installment “is experimental, diverse and sophisticated, embodying Lust’s taste for sexually intelligent narratives with more unique stories, characters and realistic hot sex”.

We recently had the chance to interview Erika Lust about sex, films, and well, more sex.

How did the inspiration for the ‘XConfessions’ series come up? And what made you decide to do short films on sex stories?

“People have sent me their sex stories and fantasies ever since I started my production company Erika Lust Films, and I realised that people wanted to participate and engage with me and my movies. It’s a fantastic source of inspiration! I’ve even had people come up to me to tell me sex stories and I was happy to see that people felt they could be so open about sex with me.

“Ever since I directed my first independent erotic short film I knew I wanted to do something different, I wanted to create the kind of movies that I wanted to see myself, that my friends wanted to see and that people who didn’t find their sexuality represented in mainstream porn wanted to see.”

The projects uses crowdsourcing for its content, and you choose the ones to be made into films. What’s your criteria for picking such tales?

“I want the stories to be about something different and exciting. I can often envision a story unfolding once I imagine the location of the shooting, the performers that I want to work with and the setting, then I know if it works. I want to show sex in a fun and natural way and for people to identify with the situations and the characters, as if it’s something that could actually happen to them.

“For my latest release, XConfessions vol. 6, I received a story about a moaning neighbor keeping people awake at night, and that’s sort of something that has happened to most of us… but of course it all comes with a sexy twist.”

We’re guessing by now you’ve read A LOT of stories. Does anything still surprise and shock you? Care to share a specific story?

“There are some pretty intense stories, and who am I to judge what’s hot or not… we all have our kinks! But I especially remember one about a girl working in a roadside veggie stand. She got turned on by veggies with, you know, a specific shape, and would use them to masturbate whenever she got bored, and one day, an actual customer comes to buy some veggies and joins the party. At least you have to admit it’s funny!”

What’s your favorite reader-submission (no pun intended) so far, and why?

“I loved the story of a 24-year-old female pilot that was working with clients to cure their fear of flying… apparently the situation often got her really turned on and she’d often messed around with her clients afterwards.

“It was also the first time we got to shoot in the air and that was a challenging but fantastic experience. And I think the result, the short film ‘Come Fly With Me’ is very, very hot.”

Lastly, what makes Volume 6 of XConfessions different from its predecessors? And what should viewers expect?

“All the volumes are so different from one another. But I can tell you that volume 6 I have had the chance to shoot the most diverse and beautiful films in the series. I´ve pushed the boundaries of my directing skills, and that of my almost all female crew, to their limits.

“There a very exciting mix of stripteases, a boyfriend out to be hired for his talent for cunnilingus, a girl exploring her body with a GoPro in a bathtub, and a gorgeous lesbian couple looking for a hot male to show them how to have a good time.

“There is also my first film about the sweet and sexy venture to the backdoor, and one of the hottest domina confessions I have had the pleasure to direct.”

You can find out more about XConfessions by heading over here.