These ethically made Aussie undies will make you feel Mighty Good, we promise

Where do you buy your undies? Bet you’ve never put too much thought into it. But you wear underwear every day (hopefully), so it’s important to know what you’re wearing, and who made it for you.

Aussie brand Mighty Good Undies have done the hard yards and thought about it for you. They’re producing organic cotton undies with a conscience, for men and women.

We spoke to founder Elena Antoniou about how these comfy undies can do a world of good.

What was wrong with the way most underwear was being produced that encouraged you to start Mighty Good Undies?

“Cotton underwear is not only the healthiest underwear, it’s also the most comfortable underwear to wear, but it has a huge environmental and social impact – most of which is invisible to consumers. For example, most people don’t know that about 170 million children work in as child labourers around the world – one quarter of cotton farm workers in India are children under 14. When we think about all labourers in this industry (including adults), it’s shocking to know that, since 2012, over 1200 people have died in fires.

“The textiles industry also has a disastrous impact on the environment, being the second most polluting industry on earth. For cotton itself, consulting firm McKinsey has estimated that if all the pollution from cotton was factored into its price, the price would rise by about 500 per cent!”


Tell us about what makes Mighty Good Undies unique?

“The most unique thing about MGU is our commitment to righting these environmental and social wrongs. Our supply chain is fully certified under the Fairtrade Cotton Standard (FLO) and the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS).

“Readers are probably familiar with the FLO system through their Fairtrade certified tea or coffee. GOTS does essentially the same thing, but with textiles. We are also experimenting with pairing each undie with a carbon offset – something that I don’t think has been done before.

“Because we love our undies so much, we want our brand to be as inclusive and affordable as possible. There is something for every body type, size, and preference.”

What’s next for Mighty Good Undies?

“Our goal is to see ethically produced cotton become an acceptable product accessible and affordable to everyone – in much the same way that ‘fairtrade’ or ‘organic’ food products are.

“We are finalising our crowd-funding campaign, which ends on the 18th May, and then hopping over to the Berlin Ethical Fashion Show in June 2016 to showcase our brand to international stockists. Then we’ll be focused on building our brand online and with retailers.

“It’s clear the Mighty Good Undies is putting into practice the old adage ‘think global, act local’. How you vote with your money and where you choose to buy is powerful – you are part of a bigger story about making the fashion world more ethical and sustainable.”




Mighty Good Undies for women
Mighty Good Undies for men