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This indestructible bicycle lock weighs less than an iPad

If you’re a city cyclist then you know the pain and frustration of having to carry around a whopping great lock, which weighs as much as an extra limb, all in the faint hope of keeping your bike unstolen for another day.

Urban biking should be a liberating experience, letting you soar through traffic like a beautiful, two-wheeled eagle displaying nothing but scorn for the train-riders and bus-catchers.

Now, finally, with this new ultra-lightweight lock from Altor you don’t have to make a choice between carrying several kilos of steel in your pocket or having your bicycle pinched.

The titanium folding lock, called 560G, weighs just – you guessed it – 560 grams (1.23 pounds) and has a unique, three-way joint system that eliminates the need for vulnerable joints and rivets that are the weakness of other folding bike-locks.

The icing on the cake for those who value convenience is the push-button, which lets you lock it in place without the need of a key.

Find out more and help fund the project on Kickstarter to bring this awesomeness into the world. No pressure though, as Altor has already almost doubled its $35,000 fundraising target.

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560G bike lock from Altor
560G bike lock from Altor

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