A short film about a boy who hates his disabled dog has everyone in tears

‘The Present’ is an award-winning, tear-jerking short film that tells the story of an angsty boy who hates his three-legged puppy.

Based on a popular comic strip by Brazilian artist Fabio Coala Cavalcanti, the short features a teenager who gets a puppy from his mum. There’s just one tiny problem: the dog is disabled, so the boy ignores it.

Anyway, we won’t spoil what happens after that, you’ll just have to watch ‘The Present’ to find out. Tip: better get a box of tissues ready!

The film, which was directed by Jacob Frey and Markus Kranzler, was made last year when the two were students. It has since been featured in 180 film festivals and received over 50 awards. It’s so good at making audiences tear up that Frey and Kranzler got job offers at Walt Disney Studios and Pixar, respectively.

Via The Dodo