Bear surprises people at the beach by casually strolling by them

At Katmai National Park in Alaska, a group of beachgoers were relaxing by the shore when something you don’t see every day happened: a brown bear and her cubs casually strolled by.

The video, which was taken back in July 2013, shows bears walking among humans like it was nothing.

The close encounter initially gave the tourists a surprise, but they remained calm and didn’t do anything to provoke the mama bear.

While those in the footage found the experience amusing, people on social media weren’t as enthusiastic. “Being that close to a bear and her cubs is like playing with fire! They were very lucky she didn’t attack them,” one commenter said.

Another criticised the tourists for putting both parties’ lives at risk: “You put the mama bear’s life at risk. If she attacked, they’d shoot her. Jerks.”

What do you think? Completely safe or another facepalm moment for humanity?

Via The Dodo

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