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Victorians! You can now Airbnb your rental with less worry

Fear not renters! You can continue to sublet your space through Airbnb without the crippling fear of eviction – provided you live in the Australian state of Victoria.

In Melbourne’s bayside suburb of St Kilda, it was found that a landlord could not evict her tenants for listing their apartment on the popular website. The case was the first of its kind in the state, with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal throwing out the claim upon finding that the tenants had not technically sublet their apartment.

The argument put forward was that Airbnb guests had not received the right of exclusive possession of the property, and as such, it was essentially no different to a tenant having a friend or family member stay with them.

This decision comes as the government engages an independent panel to review sites like Airbnb and Couchsurfing.

Time will tell, but for now you can Airbnb to your heart’s content.

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