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The world’s smartest office building knows how you like your coffee, and even when you go to the toilet!

What if your office toilet notified cleaners every time you used it? Or your lunch was ready and waiting for you because your computer knew you were hungry? This is not sci-fi; this is the world’s smartest office building.

Deloitte and OVG in Amsterdam have constructed one of the smartest connected buildings on Earth, named The Edge (no relation to this Edge).

The building uses the big data collected from 40,000 sensors to look at human patterns of behaviour, then make on-the-fly decisions about heating, cooling and even what spaces people should work in each day.

The clever structure even knows when your car is approaching, and will open the parking lot doors for you, before guiding your vehicle to an available parking spot.

Hot desks are created each day depending on your schedule and mood – often bunching people together in the same rooms to save unnecessary power wastage for lighting and heating. Coffee is poured just how you like it, and the in-house gym tracks if you are exercising.

Cleaners know when you have used the bathroom and disturbingly which cubicles you used – all in the name of cleaning efficiency. The sustainable, green building also produces more power from solar cells and exercise bikes in the gym than it consumes, and uses reclaimed rainwater to flush toilets and keep the garden nice and green.

Big Brother is watching you, but for the good of the planet.

Pics via Arch Daily

Via Co Exist

The Edge, designed by PLP Architecture for OVG Real Estate. HQ of Deloitte

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