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Aussie bloke wakes up in casino airshaft with no idea how he got there

An Australian man (known only as Australia’s loosest bloke) had to be rescued from an airshaft inside Melbourne’s Crown Casino this week after waking up with ‘no idea how he got there.’

Emergency crews worked for three hours to free the man, who was able to contact them with his mobile phone and use Google Maps to direct them to his location. Police confirmed that the man was found behind a a fire access panel, guessing that he would have had to fall about 3 meters to get stuck where he did.

Thankfully, all is well that ends well. The man sustained no significant injuries (if we disregard his ego) and was taken home by police.

If this mans drink wasn’t spiked, we think he took The Hangover a little too literally.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time this has happened. The same casino was the scene of an 11-hour ordeal in 2010, where another man had to be rescued from an exhaust shaft. We’re not joking.

We still have a few questions though:
1. How did he get into the airshaft with so much security in the casino?
2. How on earth did his phone have enough battery life after such a wild night?
3. How is this the second time that this has happened?

Who knows if we’ll ever get answers.

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