What people look like after 1, 2, and 3 glasses of wine

We all know what it feels like after drinking a few glasses of wine (IT FEELS AMAZING), but have you ever seen what you look like minus the blurred vision?

In ‘Wine Project’, Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti explores this question by taking the portraits of 53 people after drinking one, two, and three glasses of vino.

“There is a saying about wine that I really like,” Alberti said, “and it goes something like this ‘The first glass of wine is all about the food, the second glass is about love, and the third glass is about mayhem.’”

His experiment tried to see if this saying was indeed true.

“The first picture was taken right away when our guests had just arrived at the studio,” he said, “in order to capture the stress and fatigue that comes after a full day of work and facing rush hour traffic to get there.”

The resulting photos show a group of people having a great time, their faces becoming goofier with each sip of the good stuff – save for that one guy in the brown leather jacket, who looks like he can really hold his liquor.

You can see more of Marcos Alberti and his work on Instagram.