This vegan reggae star got fed up with people asking what he eats, so he wrote a song about it

After becoming fed up with people questioning him about what exactly vegans can eat, British Rastafarian reggae star Macka B went ahead and wrote a song all about it, called ‘Wha Me Eat’.

Though veganism is hardly new, the subject of what exactly vegans can eat is a popular question from carnivorously minded people. But constantly explaining his diet to curious fans obviously became too much for this dancehall legend, so he proceeded to create this song.

The tune and accompanying video play out as a musical grocery list with hilarious lines such as:

“When I tell people I don’t eat meat, fish or dairy

“They look at me strangely

“They don’t realise I eat a very wide variety”

Or some general helpful advice:

“Don’t forget your water, drink a few glasses a day

“The toxins in your body just flush them away

“Some of the things you eat stop in your body and decay

“When it comes to food I don’t play”

If you or your friends are vegan, this could make for an interesting shopping list. At the very least, it’s helped Macka B save time when he orders catering