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The Burnt Sausages are a BBQ themed band that are weird as you think

Just when you thought Melbourne had reached peak Melbourne, along comes a band that exclusively plays BBQ punk music. Yes, that’s right, The Burnt Sausages sing songs about barbecued meat. 

Band members Johnny Charcoal, Tina Tongs and SNAGZ have been sizzlin’ up some “charred, scarred and tormented with tongs” musical bangers in MelBURN for a while now.

Their BBQ-inspired live shows feature tunes such as ‘Get Out of My Grill’, ‘Too Many Onions’ and ‘Burnt Sausages: Raw on the Inside’.

There must be some raw onions left out because their tear-jerking cover of Hunters and Collectors’ famous song ‘Throw your (bread) arms around me’ won’t leave a dry eye in the room. Damn onions.

The Burnt Sausages’ live shows feature sausage costumes, a giant, greasy aluminium tray, and bread and BBQ-tongs backup dancers. Currently they have only one album: The White Bread Album.

If there’s anything the Internet can get behind, it’s this saucy BBQ band.

Images via Theresa Harrison


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