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This is what Barcelona’s magnificent Sagrada Familia will look like in 2026

The incredible Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona has been under near-constant construction since 1882. Now plans are in place to complete the monumental structure by 2026, on the centenary of architect Antoni Gaudi’s death.

Arguably one of Gaudi’s finest achievements, the Sagrada Familia is a huge, Gothic-style Catholic cathedral that – upon completion – is set to reach 170 metres in height, will have 18 spires, and fit roughly 9000 people inside at once.

The construction has taken so long, currently over 130 years, that certain parts of the building already need to be replaced.

Despite not yet being completed, the building is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site and receives around 3 million visitors per year.

Now, thanks to 3D modeling of the architect’s plans, you are able to see for yourself in the video below what the structure will look like in a few years’ time.

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