The Long Room blows all other libraries out the water… and then some

You might not think to visit a library while travelling around Ireland, but The Library of Trinity College in Dublin is not an ordinary place.

Not only is it the largest library in the country and home to the Book of Kells, it also features a 65-metre passage known as The Long Room.

This masterpiece of architecture was built in the early 18th century, with expansions made in the 1850s to make room for more books.

There are more than 200,000 books here, because back in 1801 the library was given the right to claim a free copy of every book published in Britain and Ireland.

The Long Room is lined with marble busts of history’s greatest thinkers — Aristotle, Cicero, Isaac Newton, Plato — and other priceless artefacts are on display too, such as a 15th-century harp.

But you won’t remember any of this when you step inside. The Long Room is one of those places that truly takes your breath away. And these photos almost do it justice.