Featured Image for Wait … Florida lady wants to keep her motorbike riding pet alligator, Rambo!

Wait … Florida lady wants to keep her motorbike riding pet alligator, Rambo!

Did you settle for a pet puppy, cat or even a fluffy rabbit? Well you should have held out for more like this lady from Florida who adopted a pet alligator who she has trained, amongst other things, to ride motorbikes.

Rambo the alligator apparently understands sign language, is fully toilet trained, loves to dress up in costumes (because why not) and will happily ride on the back of quad bikes (or at least pose for a photo).

The fifteen-year-old alligator is now six feet long and spends most of his time indoors with his owner’s pet dogs. When Rambo does go outside for adventures he gets dressed up in specially made costumes. As an infant he was carried around in human baby slings and is apparently more comfortable hanging out with people and dogs than fellow reptiles.

As he is now quite a large gator, wildlife authorities are considering moving him to a gator sanctuary where he can have more space to do gatory things. After eleven years of living the domestic life, his owner is understandably concerned he might not be able to adjust to a more natural life. Good luck Rambo, we wish you well.

Via NY Daily

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