Forget Banksy, MissMe is the new anti-corporate pro-equality street artist hero

Banksy may have been unmasked, but luckily for fans of incognito street artists, there’s a new hero in town to fill his paint-splattered boots. MissMe, from Montreal, quit her advertising job to spread her anti-corporate pro-equality message around the streets of Canada.

She isn’t trying to copy Banksy – her style is less playful, more artful – but her anonymity is equally fascinating.

She describes her goal as “self-liberation, authenticity, and to be a loud, counter-voice to the objectification of women in mainstream advertising.”

MissMe, whoever you are, we love your work, and love your message!

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Stu’s directed 500 commercials, a tv series, and will soon shoot his second feature. But what he really wants to do is dance! He also sometimes jokes about wanting to dance.