Featured Image for Cafe in Manchester is hiring Cat Nannies for $15 an hour

Cafe in Manchester is hiring Cat Nannies for $15 an hour

Looking for the perfect job? If you live in the Manchester area (and even if you don’t, commute!), you could soon become the envy of every resident in the city by becoming a nanny… at the city’s Cat Cafe.

The cafe is set to open in Spring 2016 and is described as a “calm retreat from the day to day hustle and bustle of a busy city centre”.

As for how it’s so relaxing? Because it’s full of felines, and you get unlimited cuddles and pets with them.

Sounds like a great place to get your caffeine and kitty fix. But what’s even better is that the Cat Cafe is hiring a Cat Nanny.

The job involves looking after the “general well-being of the Manchester Cat family“, which includes feeding and grooming them, as well as cleaning out litter trays. And playing with them — lots and lots of time playing with them.

Looking for the purrfect job? At last we are recruiting! If you would like to join our team at Cat Café Manchester then…

Posted by Cat Cafe Manchester on Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Pay is just $AU14.50 to $AU15 per hour, but working here wouldn’t feel like work at all. Up for the challenge? Get all the info you need here.

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Cat Nanny in Manchester
Cat Nanny in Manchester