Featured Image for A Burger King Whopper with 718 pickles? Sure, why the hell not

A Burger King Whopper with 718 pickles? Sure, why the hell not

Almost 800 million people in the world don’t have enough food to eat, but what the hey, some guy went to Burger King in Japan and ordered a Whopper with more than 700 pickles – just for the hell of it.

The burger was ordered by the team over at RocketNews24, who have made headlines before with their outrageous 1000 cheese-slice Whopper. But I guess they were trying to outdo themselves, so this time they sent in some poor soul (probably an intern) and he ended up ordering a 1.7-kilogram Whopper with 718 pickle slices.

The monstrosity cost him ¥10,000 which is around $AU120. BTW – the amount of food I could buy for $120 is way more than I’m seeing in these pictures.

This is what RocketNews24 had to say about their creation: “It was so huge and bulky that the hapless staff members charged with packing up the thing had to sort of just tape together a bunch of standard wrappers. And, since pickles are one of the more moist toppings on a burger, the over 700 slices of pickles adorning our burger had already soaked through all those wrappers, turning the whole package into a wet mess right out of the gates.”


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Pickle Whopper
BK Whopper

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