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Get this: Melbourne is building a park in the sky

Melbourne is known for creating unusual, creative, community-focused spaces within its dense urban environment. Just consider how popular rooftop bars, converted tram restaurants, and artist-run alleyways are.

Other cultural cities around the world have been creating innovative, green community parks in elevated spaces for years now. Osaka has the beautiful, eight-level high Namba Parks complex (complete with waterfalls), New York City has the High Line, and Paris has the Promenade Plantée – the latter two are both built on old elevated rail lines.

Melbourne will be joining the elevated park trend with a new development directly across from Southern Cross Station in the CBD. City workers will recharge in the new green space or work outside the office to enhance their health and wellbeing.

Part of the Melbourne Quarter project – billed as one of the most significant developments since Federation Square – the space will feature new pedestrian walkways, shops, apartments, cafes, retail and office space, high above Collins Street.

Melburnians can plan on seeing Skypark open in 2018.

Via Melbourne Quarter

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