You must watch ‘The Guillable Kiss of Mr. Patokos’ and meet the animator behind the short film

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The incredible short film ‘The Guillable Kiss of Mr. Patokos’ is the very first film by Alexandros Apostolakis. In fact, before this he had never animated. At all. Ever.

Keep that in mind while watching these five-minutes of pure genius (below).

We spoke to Athens-based Alexandros about his first animated effort, the inspiration behind it and how he made the film come to life.

Tell us a little bit about your background in film and animation.

‘This short film is all the background I have in anything that has to do with video. Apart from some small experiments, this film is my introduction to animation’.

Where did the idea for ‘The Guillable Kiss of Mr. Patokos’ come from?

‘Mr. Patokos is a character I made for a music album cover, for the band Rosebleed a couple of years ago. At some point later on, while I was taking my first step as an animator, I had to create a storyboard with the concept “Made for each other”. The storyboard – for those who don’t know – is the first thing to do before making a movie, any kind, for any purpose. This was for my university, where I studied graphic design’.

The animation in your short film looks hand drawn. Can you tell us more about this.

‘It is hand-drawn indeed. All the tools for making this film were a pencil, an eraser and a lightbox (considering the visual part). In post production, some digital refining had to be done. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid and I always loved the sensation of the pen writing on paper, always trying to avoid the digital work. I guess I am a bit old-fashioned’.

What kind of films do you enjoy creating?

‘As I said, this is my first film so far, but I’ve always been fond of making comic stories. Anyway, my kind of stories are of the science fiction, epic fantasy and horror genre. Basically I am a nerd, and this film is not really a representation of my passions’.

What are you working on right now you can tell us about?

‘I just started working on a videoclip for a friend of mine. He has an electroband called Space Blanket, and we are trying to combine 3D video and 2D animation for the song called ‘Terrestrial’.

‘Apart from that, I am working as a graphic designer making logos, posters, flyers etc. I am also working on a comic, a long-term project which I work on when there is free time, and I am in a creative state of mind’.

What a talent — and for his first film, too! Watch ‘The Gullible Kiss of Mr. Patokos’ below and keep in touch with what Alexandros is up to on YouTube and Vimeo.