Turn rainy days into art with these super cool umbrella designs

Jonathan Bonder is the founder of Pluvio Umbrellas, a brilliant company that brings art and creativity to rainy days.

Each collection includes just 200 brollies, with the umbrellas decorated by different independent artists across the world. Once all 200 designs have sold out, there’s no more, so you’ll always have a one-of-a-kind design.

Unlike flimsy umbrellas that end up in the trash, Pluvio’s designs are made with storm-safe frames and fiberglass ribs, so you won’t have that humiliating moment when your brolly turns inside out while crossing the road.

Discover Pluvio Umbrellas for yourself on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

Alex Pardee - Nightmare
Alex Pardee – Nightmare
Ami Vitale - Colors of Haiti
Ami Vitale – Colors of Haiti
Chuck Anderson - Night Vision
Chuck Anderson – Night Vision
Illustrated Ink - Skullerfly Beauties
Illustrated Ink – Skullerfly Beauties
Ramon Bruin - Hold On
Ramon Bruin – Hold On
Sasha Unisex - Frisky Fox
Sasha Unisex – Frisky Fox
The London Police - 5 dogs called Barry
The London Police – 5 dogs called Barry
Pluvio Umbrellas
Pluvio Umbrellas

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