Woman spends $259K to look like her outrageous holiday caricature

Touristy spots across the world are crowded with caricature artists, eager to score a quick buck while sketching your best (or worst) features. Most people have a laugh when handed their own caricature and move on to the next touristy hotspot, but 15-year-old Krystina Butel fell in love with her image while on holiday in Ibiza and decided to do something about it.

‘The woman in the picture was so glamorous’, Krystina told The Mirror, ‘she was everything I wanted to be’.

So Krystina then spent the next 15 years having work done to appear just like her over-the-top self.

‘When I saw the caricature for the first time, that was it. I was so happy. It was as if finally I knew exactly what I wanted to be. I wanted to look like that cartoon. I felt envious of it. He’d done quite an ordinary portrait of my friend, but for some reason, he had gone to town with mine.

‘I was wearing a dress at the time – so I didn’t expect him to draw me topless! I adored how over-the-top she looked and how done-up she was. I loved her massive boobs and tiny waist.

‘I loved her eyes, hair and lips too. It was as if the artist had seen the potential in me; he showed me what I could be if I pushed myself to the limit. The caricature led me in the direction that I wanted to go down’.

To look like her caricature, the West Yorkshire resident had five breast enlargements (up to a 36K now), lip injections, botox, eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner tattoos, lipliner tattoos, heart-shaped nipple tattooing, hair extensions, lash extensions, and… phew, teeth whitening, totaling a whopping $AU259,000.

While that might seem like a lot to go through, Krystina still has a lot more to get done. Butt implants, eyebrow lifts and another breast augmentation are on the cards in the near future.

Via Mirror

Caricature Krystina Butel
Caricature Krystina Butel
Caricature Krystina Butel