Featured Image for Back Back Forward Punch is our not-so-secret electropop obsession

Back Back Forward Punch is our not-so-secret electropop obsession


Quirky name, incredible music. Back Back Forward Punch is the Melbourne-based music duo consisting of Andy Liddell and Laura Boland, who are taking Australia by storm with their soulful electronic beats.

While their music is perfectly made for those lazy Sunday afternoons when you’re soaking up the sun, it’s also playful, carrying you into the night with its sexy glamour.

Take a listen to Back Back Forward Punch’s music on SoundCloud and read our exclusive interview with Laura Boland below.

Tell us how you and Andy first formed BBFP.

‘We met in a pub in Newcastle, NSW, when we were both living there. We got talking about music. I was in a covers band at the time and he was starting out producing. He needed a singer, and we’ve been collaborating ever since. We were playing shows in Newcastle for about a year before we headed to Melbourne. We did a lot of live gigs around Melbourne for a couple of years before deciding to focus more on recording and releasing our music. We released our first single with Mammal Sounds in 2013 – “Zero to Disco”, and we’ve been working with Jez from Mammal ever since’.

Do you write all your own music? Is it a collaborative effort? What inspires you both?

‘We write, produce and record pretty much everything ourselves – except final mastering. Andy does all of the music writing and production, and I’m in charge of the melody lines and lyrics. But we help each other out from time to time if we’re stuck for ideas or we think what the other is doing isn’t great.

‘Lately, when I need inspiration for writing, I like drawing on the characters and themes from movies or visual art I’ve seen, and making up my own stories and characters around them. Andy says he’s been inspired lately by watching Rage at 3am because he’s able to see retro clips and hits in a “different light”. (Haha – I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I kind of understand)’.

We love your EP ‘Tragic Lover’. Can you tell us more about what went into making it?

‘So glad you like it! It was all written, produced and recorded at our studio in Footscray. And I did the artwork there too. We wrote all the tracks pretty much at the same time in early 2015. This meant that each track had similar sounds, FX and instruments that we were liking at the time and so the EP sounds cohesive – well, we think so anyway 🙂 Some of our past releases have been a bit cute, or been big fun disco numbers, but this EP is a bit more “grown-up” for us’.

You’re based in Melbourne — are you playing gigs right now?

‘Our next show is at Mynt Lounge, Werribee on March 18, which is a bit outside Melbourne. We’ll keep everyone posted about other Melbourne shows through our Facebook‘.

Check out more from Back Back Forward Punch on SoundCloud, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Back Back Forward Punch
Back Back Forward Punch

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