Featured Image for Sigurd Larsen’s Berlin hotel room is like an epic playhouse for hideouts

Sigurd Larsen’s Berlin hotel room is like an epic playhouse for hideouts

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Berlin-based Danish architect Sigurd Larsen has designed a hotel room that transforms into conceptual indoor and outdoor spaces by erecting a mini wooden house within the room.

The ground floor of the wooden house features a bedroom, sauna, toilet, and kitchen. The staircase inside leads up to another bedroom and a hammock that looks over the space.

Stepping inside, it feels almost like a kid’s spacious playhouse.

The room is located at the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin, and is part of 100 suites that were designed in six categories: Cosy, Lofty, Luxus, Hideout (Larsen’s category), Band, and The Big One.

We loved the design of the room so much that we just had to speak with Sigurd Larsen about the inspiration behind it.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background in architecture, and some of the projects you’ve worked on before?

‘I graduated as an architect, and like many other Danish architects, I’m interested in working trans-disciplinary with buildings, furniture and our physical environment as one whole’.

We’re so excited by the Berlin hotel design. What was the brief for this project?

‘The owners of Hotel Michelberger were looking into creating a new category of rooms where people could live for longer periods. They wanted to keep the spirit of the hotel but were very open to new ideas and to introduce a new and more pure aesthetics to the hotel. So we had a very interesting process with the creative team of Michelberger with the existing hotel as a starting point from which we explored new ways’.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your design.

‘It’s all about arriving, exploring and customizing the room to your own needs. So we wanted to design a room full of details and surprises you can climb and discover as you temporarily inhabit the space’.

How long did it take you to come up with the design? Were there challenges along the way?

‘The project took a year from the first ideas to completion. Building inside an existing od house is always a challenge as the walls are full of surprises once you start tearing it apart. But nothing dramatic with this project’.

What are you working on right now you can tell us about?

‘We are building two more houses in Denmark in an area with high requirements for sustainability. So it’s been a very interesting learning process. And then we are just about to complete a house in upstate New York where we used a local technique of burning the facade wood to protect it. Within the coming weeks we also launch a sofa I designed for the Danish company FormelA‘.

Find more of Sigurd Larsen’s designs over on his website and see the hotel room in-person by booking a stay at Berlin’s Hotel Michelberger, here.

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