Yum! Check out this delicious and sustainable alternative to traditional sushi

Going Green

Love sushi? Though it tastes incredible, there’s a downside to eating it, because our oceans are being massively overfished.

Knowing the impact fishing has on the ecosystem, and by chance being given the challenge to make vegetarian sushi for a client one day, Master Chef James Corwell put two and two together to create the most eco-friendly cuisine imaginable: Tomato Sushi.

Tomato Sushi is sustainable, is made from just six ingredients, and the company claims it has ‘a meaty, savory, taste and texture… that’s very sushi-like’.

Excited to find out more, we spoke with CEO of Tomato Sushi David Benzaquen about the concept, and what’s next for this innovative food line.

Tell us how the idea of Tomato Sushi came about. It’s the most innovative food I’ve seen.

‘Chef James Corwell is a world-renowned Certified Master Chef who has taught at the Culinary Institute of America and in the US Navy, and led the kitchens of multiple celebrated restaurants. While working in Japan, the chef visited the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, where he witnessed the auction of countless, endangered bluefin tuna. While continuing in his culinary career, the chef dedicated years of his personal time to developing a healthy, delicious and sustainable alternative to raw tuna that celebrates and builds on the traditional sushi experience’.

What went into making Tomato Sushi like actual sushi? And how would you describe the taste?

‘Years of work have led to perfecting the tomato’s transformation into providing the texture and taste of tuna sashimi with minimal processing and no unnatural ingredients’.

How do you serve up Tomato Sushi?

‘Tomato Sushi can be served in many ways, including as nigiri, sashimi, maki rolls and as a tartare, among others’.

Why did you decide to go with tomatoes? Are there other vegetables you’d like to use in the future?

‘Tomatoes provide beautiful colour and are naturally high in glutamic acid, which is one of the leading ingredients used to develop umami flavors. We are experimenting with many other healthy ingredients which could provide other wonderful dining experiences and plan to release these in the future’.

Be sure to check out Tomato Sushi online and follow on Facebook to find out where you can feast on it soon!

Tomato Sushi
Tomato Sushi
Tomato Sushi
Tomato Sushi