From Windang to SXSW, the Aussie music duo making big waves in the U.S.


Zach Stephenson and Billy Fleming make up the Aussie musical duo Hockey Dad, who, until recently, were a couple of kids making music for the hell of it. But back in September, the guys were scouted by a New York-based record label during the annual Big Sound Festival, and recently announced their signing with Kanine Records.

Between releasing their first single ‘Can’t Have Them’ and gearing up for a performance at SXSW later this month, Billy caught up with us for a quick Q+A.

Tell us more about the music you’re making.

‘We grew up listening to a ridiculous amount of music, so we take bits and pieces from all genres… but I guess we’ve landed on some sort of surf-punk sprinkled with a touch of pop’.

Tell us how you came up with the band name, ‘Hockey Dad’!

‘We got pretty pissed and started watching The Simpsons, and yeah…’.

Do you write all your own music? Is it a collaborative effort?

‘Yeah we’re always throwing ideas back and forth, landing on something we’re both stoked on’.

Tell us more about the single ‘Can’t Have Them’.

‘Ever since we started playing music together, we’ve always jammed in Zach’s garage… and yeah, this was one of the last songs we wrote in there actually, now we just jam at our manager’s music venue in Wollongong… I’m sure Zach’s neighbours appreciate it though.

Are you touring at the moment, or playing local gigs?

‘Yeah! After we play a few more festivals in Australia, we’re heading over to SXSW and doing a small run of Cali shows afterwards… then we’ll come back home for our single tour’.

What’s next for Hockey Dad?

‘We’ve just signed to New York’s Kanine Records, and we’ll be releasing some new tunes from our debut album very soon… yew!’

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Hockey Dad
Hockey Dad

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