This guy claims to read your mind on Facebook in under a minute – see if he REALLY can!

While we generally dismiss people who say they have clairvoyant abilities, Lasse Burholt’s claims are seeing him go viral, because he reckons he can read your mind without even meeting you.

The online video starts out with Burholt holding up a number of simple maths sums to work out, that you’re asked to answer as quickly as possible. Sums such as 5 + 3, 9 + 2 and 10 – 6.

Then comes the part where Burholt claims to read our minds.

‘Think of a number between 5 and 12’, he asks via a sheet of paper.

Quick! Did you think of a number? You had a choice of eight numbers. But did you pick the one most pick?

We’re not sure if this guy is actually a mind reader, or knows a sneaky trick to get you to say the same number as 25 million other people who have watched the vid on Facebook.

Via Unilad