Featured Image for This is why Aussie artist Niharika Hukku is a MUST-FOLLOW on Instagram

This is why Aussie artist Niharika Hukku is a MUST-FOLLOW on Instagram


Niharika Hukku is one very talented Aussie. Her pottery and artwork is unlike anything we’ve seen before, incorporating strong, bold colour with delicate details.

We first discovered Niharika’s work on Instagram (which is why you should be following her too!) and we’ve been obsessed ever since.

We spoke to Niharika about her art background, what inspires her, and what we can expect to see from her next.

What’s your background — have you always been an artist? How did you get into pottery and painting?

‘I have a degree in fine arts specialising in painting. I fell into a career in illustration very early on and continued to work for over a decade before I shifted my focus to ceramics. Though I enjoyed my job as a commercial artist, I felt the need to do something personal and organic and also wanted to spend more time with clay’.

What was your very first experience working with clay?

‘My most treasured experience would be my first time on a potter’s wheel. It was exciting and I was impatient to make tall beautiful forms immediately. I still have the first piece I threw on the wheel. While it was small and imperfect, I think it beautiful for it reminds me of all the hope I had for myself in learning something new’.

There’s an ongoing theme of nature and wildlife in your work — is this what inspires you the most?

‘Despite living in a busy city in Australia, we are exposed to the most beautiful things in nature. I find the skies, landscapes and wildlife compelling and try to create a connection with it through my work’.

You’ve studied in India, Indonesia, Singapore, and Australia — where is ‘home’ for you right now?

‘I have had wonderful enriching experiences in all the different countries I have lived in. I currently live and work out of Australia and Sydney is home to me and my family’.

Can you describe a typical day in the life of Niharika Hukku?

‘I work all day and sometimes into the night though it is at a restful pace with it being busier around a show. A typical day starts and ends with answering emails, I spend many hours in my studio immersed in the many processes required in my work. The garage has been converted into my main studio and houses the potters wheel, kiln and materials. The sun room in our house serves as a painting room where I keep my pots ready for decoration and also my tools and materials required for painting.

‘After I finish a piece I usually photograph it for my records or to send to galleries. I also update my social media with new work or upcoming shows regularly’.

Do you create something every day?

‘It usually takes a few days to create each piece due to the several processes involved. I also work in different mediums and pieces simultaneously’.

What are you working on right now?

‘I am currently working on a largescale watercolour of Koi fish. I am also preparing for my upcoming solo show in March’.

We can’t wait to see more of Niharika’s work in the future. Be sure to follow her on Instagram to see it for yourself.

This little guy looks serious but I just loved painting his eyes #painted #kookaburra #australianbirds #porcelain #pottery #australianceramics

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Making fish fly〰 Progress on the large watercolor #painting #watercolour #koi #blackandwhite

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??⚪️Fiery red goldfish swimming off to @artisansinthegardens, 10-18 October @rbgsydney Each pot is thrown off the hump and then hand painted. The more time I spend painting it, the more detail there is in the piece. #goldfish #pottery #porcelain #painted #australianceramics

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?♦️?Painting the vivid Rainbow Lorikeet today for my collaboration @thecupcollab with the lovely @kathryn.mitchell #painting #lorikeet #australianceramics #thecupcollab

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☁My head is in the clouds today. #wheelthrown #pottery #handpainted #australianceramics #watercolour

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Kiln fresh hand painted pots getting a wash after a gentle sanding.? #porcelain #painted #pottery #goldfish #dandelion #zebrafish

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Painting noisy powerlines on landscapes #streetscape #pottery #porcelain #painting #arraycoo

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