This guy changed his name to … well … wait for it …

A British man kept getting arrested and ending up in court, so he devised a genius (okay, somewhat genius.. okay, not even genius – you’re right) plan to make light of the proceedings when speaking to the magistrate.

Instead of going by his birth name, this guy decided he would change his name. And it’s way worse than Princess Consuela Banana Hammock or Crap Bag.

Introducing: OddsocksmcweirdoeltuttifruttiMrfartohell­ohippotamusbumIthinkwecanallliveincooper­ationasfreeindividualswithouthurtingourf­ellowsentientbeingsbutwewillhavetoworkon­ittheworldisforsharing.

Oh, but that name hasn’t always been as grand as it is now. Six months before he came up with this monicker, he was only ‘Oddsocksmcweirdoeltuttifruttifartohell­ohippotamusbum’. Catch that? Then he changed it to include a ‘Mr’ before the ‘farto’ and the rest of that cooperation and living in harmony gibberish.

I’m sure the magistrate had a field day.

Via The Lad Bible

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