No screaming babies! This hotel in Germany is a kid-free zone (and it’s quickly becoming a trend)

Got kids? Well you’re not invited to this hotel in Germany!

Welcome to Hotel Parkschloessl, a cozy retreat in Bavaria that hasn’t allowed kids to stay in their rooms since 2014.

Hotel Parkschloessl owner Franz Kandlbinder, said, ‘We simply want two or three days of quiet where we don’t hear children.That’s the customer group we’re targeting’.

Hotel employee Lisa said she didn’t even blame the kids for the hotel being an adults-only zone.

‘Parents were unable to deal with their children. They ran around and parents had no control over them. Even when they disciplined them, the children showed no reaction’.

Imagine the serenity at this hotel — you can probably hear a pin drop (and the guests next door doing all sorts of stuff).

As The Australian points out, Germans are rather particular about noise. There are rules about when you can throw bottles into sidewalk recycling bins, and even times when you can use washing machines.

And up until 2011, the sound of kids screaming at playgrounds was classified as ‘environmentally harmful’. Lucky for kids, the government turned that one around, asking citizens to be more tolerant of children’s screams!

If you’re not a parent (or a trust babysitter), check out Hotel Parkschloessl here.

Via Wall Street Journal

Hotel Parkschloessl
Hotel Parkschloessl