Featured Image for Tropfest is coming to Sydney on Feb 14th! Here are our all-time fave films from the festival

Tropfest is coming to Sydney on Feb 14th! Here are our all-time fave films from the festival

Love great stories? What about incredible film? Then you probably know all about Tropfest, the world’s largest short-film festival, where everyone is invited to participate.

John Polson started the Tropicana Short Film Festival (now known as Tropfest) 23 years ago as an informal short film screening for cast, crew and friends at the Tropicana Cafe in Sydney.

More than 200 people came to that first screening, so Polson decided to turn it into a fully fledged short-film festival.

Now, Tropfest attracts more than 150,000 people on a single night, with a free outdoor celebration complete with live music, entertainment, food, red carpet arrivals, and of course, film screenings.

But what really sets Tropfest apart is that every film entered into this short film competition is specifically made for Tropfest, and includes the Tropfest Signature Item (TSI), which changes every year (last year’s was ‘card’).

Read more about Tropfest here, and join the Tropfest celebration at Centennial Park, on February 14, for an entire day of brilliant short film.

Oh, but before you head to the festival, check out our all-time top five favourite Tropfest winning films.

Buried, directed by Tim Bullock. Produced for Tropfest Australia 2003, TSI: Rock.

Carmichael & Shane, directed by Alex Weinress and Rob Carlton. Produced for Tropfest Australia 2006, TSI: Bubble.

Granny Smith, directed by Julian Lucas. Produced for Tropfest Australia 2014, TSI: Mirror.

Chance, directed by Paige Bebee. Produced for Trop Jr Australia 2014, TSI: Fly.

I’ve Been Everywhere Man, directed by Cameron Edser. Produced for Tropfest Australia 2014, TSI: Mirror.

Tropfest Sydney
Tropfest Sydney

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