Send in your DNA on a swab, wear your unique DNA pattern on a scarf!

All that talk about being a special little snowflake is true! Innovative company Dot One (which stands for that 0.1 per cent of DNA that is truly yours and nobody else’s) has come up with a genius way to set yourself apart from the rest.

By grabbing a swab of your DNA and converting that data into colour, Dot One is able to make the most personalised print in the world.

The DNA prints show your unique relation to others, and even trace back family trees to see where you got certain traits.

But the coolest thing is that Dot One is turning your colour-coded DNA into scarves! To get the most unique, 100 per cent lambswool scarf on the planet, you’ll have to send in a cheek swab to the Dot One lab and fill out a few forms. From there, your DNA is analysed and turned into a beautiful accessory nobody else will own.

Right now those scarves are going for $AU637 (youch!), but if you’ve got the resources, wouldn’t it be nice to wrap yourself in your own DNA? Yes, yes it would.

Via Design Faves

DNA scarf
DNA scarf
DNA scarf

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