In Japan, a penguin with a backpack walks alone to the fish market

Here’s something you don’t see every day. In Japan, there’s a penguin who’s trained to wear a backpack and walk alone to the fish market to get her favourite meal.

Lala is a king penguin who was reportedly rescued by a fisherman after she got trapped in a fishing line. The fisherman’s family, in Shibushi City, nursed her back to health and even gave Lala her own air-conditioned room.

Here’s where it gets interesting: story goes that Lala once went to the fish market with her humans and kept wanting to go back (naturally), so her humans trained her to wear a backpack and walk to the fish market daily to fetch dinner.

NEWS FLASH: I’ve never wanted a penguin more than a dog or a cat in my entire life! Find out more about Lala’s story in the video below.

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