abstr^ct:groove just released an incredible animated film that will transport you to another world

Data translated into images and sounds? Yup, this is ‘Mechatronic Harmonies’, a new animated film created by abstr^ct:groove for Wittenstein.

Wittenstein is a leading global company for the development of high-precision electro-mechanical systems. In April 2015, Wittenstein contacted us to brief and inform our team of their latest technological evolution in the field of drive systems for motion control.

After a series of meetings at their laboratories, we were asked to translate all the instructions and knowledge we received in images and sounds, but within a well defined task limitation: no technical data could be conveyed in a linear or didactic manner.

At the end of our sessions, our creative team has decided to evoke the concept of Mechatronic Harmonies.

This is the result.