This 3-minute timelapse video will make you fall in love with Norway

Siddharth Prem is a Dubai-based systems engineer who began experimenting with photography to explore the world around him – and to counterbalance work.

Having always been fascinated with space and astronomy, Prem decided to capture the night sky.

‘I’m not a photojournalist’, he explains. ‘My images are created from the way I perceive a particular scene. I utilise light-room along with techniques such as digital blending and focus stacking multiple images shot within the same time frame, to give my images better dynamic range. I’m not a fan of composting images. When I get the chance, I love creating time-lapses as well, though it tends to take much more time and resources’.

In this stunning video, Prem shows us just how wonderful the world is — in particular, the untouched landscapes of Lofoten, Norway.

From these images of colourful fjords, jagged mountain peaks and the stunning Aurora Borealis, it’s safe to say that Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Via The Roosevelts

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