Elderly woman wakes up to find an evil looking KINKAJOU snuggling up to her!

A 99-year-old woman from Miami had the shock of her life this week when she woke up in bed with a kinkajou sleeping on her chest.

Dr Don Harris of South Dade Animal Hospital said the woman and animal were both startled, and the kinkajou eventually made its way to the attic.

A kinkajou is a nocturnal animal, native to Central and South America. Cute to look at from a distance, but waking up to one asleep on top of you? Totally not fun.

Cathy Moghari told Local 10 news she was able to help lure the kinkajou out of the attic.

‘I start thinking, “How are we going to get this animal out?” So I googled kinkajou sounds and found a video’, she said. ‘And I was holding it up to the ceiling, and we hear a rumbling. And, sure enough, it came out to the opening that we had in the ceiling’.

After the kinkajou came out, Moghari said she picked it up, took it home for the night, and then to the vet on Tuesday morning.

Via The Dodo