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A ski slope on top of an apartment building? Only if you’re in Kazakhstan!

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As if the world wasn’t crazy enough, now there’s a plan to build a ski slope on top of an apartment building! Slalom House is due to be constructed in the middle of Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, at an estimated cost of $70 million!

Skokhan Mataibekov Architects are behind this exciting design, and say the slope will be powered by artificial snow called ‘Snowflex’.

The best part? Residents of Slalom House will be able to ski right down to street level… Or tumble, depending on how well you know how to ski.

Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city, some 1200km away from Astana, bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, but was beaten by Beijing. Furthermore, a lot of Kazakh athletes compete in the winter Olympics, so perhaps a ski slope on top of a residential building isn’t so weird after all.


Slalom House
Slalom House
Slalom House