Watch a coffee virgin experience an unbelievable caffeinated acid trip in this quirky short film

The Perez Bros – the directing duo who have had their films featured on MTV, ESPN, and The Advocate Magazine – are back, with a hilariously eye-opening short called Coffee Virgin, which shows just what happens when a boy tries coffee for the first time.

If you can remember the first time you sipped from a cup o’ joe, you might recall the huge rush of caffeine that went through your body just minutes later, jolting it like a lightning bolt! In this psychedelic short film, we get all that and more.

Coffee Virgin was born out of two very different perspectives on coffee’, Hart Perez tells us. ‘On the one hand, I’m the type of person who cannot get out of bed without three cups, while my brother Devon has never touched the stuff. So the film is both a comment on the reality of caffeine dependency and the imagined effects of caffeine.

‘With a loose thesis in mind, we also wanted to flex our visual effects muscles on Coffee Virgin.

‘In post-production, Devon threw everything he had at the project, incorporating animation, stop-motion, green screen work, 8-bit graphics, and 3D models. Ironically, the project took only two days to shoot, but over a month in post-production.

‘Going forward, we are excited to submit to film festivals and to watch the film with a live audience. We have a feeling that the “caffeinated acid trip” sequence will be a completely overwhelming experience on the big screen’.

Can’t wait to see what else these talented brothers come up with! Check out all their work here and keep in touch with the Perez Bros on Facebook.

Coffee Virgin
Coffee Virgin

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