Chef gets caught on Slovakian TV prepping a line of ‘coke’

Ľubomír Herko was invited onto the Slovakian TV show Telerano this week to cook a meal in the studio’s kitchen. Nothing eyebrow raising there. But when the live broadcast cut to him ‘prepping’ in the kitchen, viewers didn’t see this chef chopping veggies or stirring a pot of broth. They saw Herko cutting up a suspicious line of white powder with his credit card.

Herko even had a rolled up banknote handy next to his line (and what a line that is!).

TV Markiza, the channel which airs Telerano, are saying it was all a joke. Perhaps a sprinkling of flour or baking soda?

‘We consider this an entirely inappropriate “joke” that has no place in such a broadcast’, a spokesperson said.

Joke or not, this chef certainly livened up daytime TV, that’s for sure.

Via HelloU