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One woman’s genius idea saves the planet while preserving food

Going Green

The refrigerator is one of the largest power-guzzling appliances in the home. The humble fridge not only makes that electric bill skyrocket, but the more energy it saps up, the more coal-fired power plants, hydroelectric dams and nuclear power plants are used, resulting in more emissions of air pollutants.

Save Food From The Fridge is a project by Jihyun David that aims to preserve food without the use of refrigeration. By using refrigeration, Jihyun believes we ‘don’t observe the food anymore and we don’t understand how to treat it’.

So she’s designed a way to preserve food which is closer to nature and helps to make Earth a little greener.

What prompted you to take action on food preservation and wastage?

‘I noticed we were throwing a big quantity of food in my student’s house and eventually in the world. I realised it was partly because of refrigeration that we can hide all the food ingredients inside and forget what we have. By researching further, I learned that the refrigerator is one of the home appliances that brought us a big change and the dramatic break from the traditional lifestyle with individual’s knowledge. All these concerns came out as a project “Save Food From the Fridge”‘.

Tell us some ways people can preserve food without the use of a fridge.

‘An egg has millions of holes in its shell. It absorbs the odour and substance around itself very easily. This creates a bad taste if it’s kept in the fridge with other food ingredients. This shelf provides a place for eggs outside of the fridge. Also the freshness of eggs can be tested in the water. The fresher they are, the further they sink.

Egg preservation

‘Apples, on the other hand, emit a lot of ethylene gas. It has the effect of speeding up the ripening process of fruits and vegetables kept together with apples. When combined with potatoes, apples prevent them from sprouting’.

apple + potato preservation

How did you learn about the different ways to preserve food? Was it a lot of research?

‘Our research is based on research trips, interviews and many books. Yes, definitely lots, lots, lots, of research since 2010’.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

‘We are preparing a crowdfunding campaign to produce the shelves, and expecting to launch that this year. At the same time, we are experimenting with the material and shapes of a fruit-bowl and leafy base to bring them into the market.

“Save Food From the Fridge” is an ongoing project. We are continuing to research new ways of preserving food and evaluating it so we can translate it into designs’.

See more from Jihyun David on her website and keep up to date with her project on Facebook and Twitter.

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