TurtleCam is the world’s first live streaming video from the back of a turtle

This week, an endangered Green turtle was released back into the Indian Ocean in the Kenyan coastal town of Watamu. Four days prior to this, the turtle has become trapped in a fisherman’s net.

The releasing of the turtle back into the wild was a great moment for everyone involved, not only because the turtle finally got to swim back home, but because it was also the very first time the visuals of a turtle’s release were live streamed!

The TurtleCam was designed and built by Andre Van Kets, Carel Verhoef and Jacques can Tonder of HerdTracker, which allows you to follow the migration of wildebeest in Africa. All three designers of the TurtleCam have been in Kenya for the last 10-days as part of #KenyaLive, a social media and digital campaign initiated by the Kenyan tourism authorities that aims to showcase Kenya’s wildlife.

Watch the video below to see the magical moment this turtle finally got to go home. It’s heartwarming!

The Green Sea Turtle makes ts way into the waters of Watamu, Kenya - Image by DiscoverAfrica.com
The rehabilitated Green sea turtles returns home to the ocean after being caught in a fishing net. Image by  Discover Africa.com

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