D’oh! British girl turns fluorescent pink after using bath product the totally wrong way

Guys, read the directions. Even if you think you know how to use something, read the directions. Read them twice, if necessary. A British girl turned bright pink for three whole days after using a LUSH bath product the wrong way … for not reading the directions!

Abi Shenton from the UK got in touch with LUSH Cosmetics over social media when her entire body turned fluorescent pink after using a product called ‘Razzle Dazzle‘. What Abi thought was soap (and proceeded to rub it all over her body), is actually meant to be diluted in water.

Here’s what Abi had to say about the greatest mistake of her life: ‘The product used was called ‘Razzle Dazzle’ and it is not a bath bomb! The correct procedure is that you are supposed to dilute it into water but I thought it was a soap and rubbed it all over my body and face (explains why my hair is dry) 3 days + several baths later I am no longer pink!

‘I misused this product! I love LUSH and will still continue to shop there. It’s just a shame that I wasn’t told how to correctly use the product when purchasing!

‘A very helpful friend of mine works at Lush and helped me remove all the pink stain with lemon juice, olive oil and a gritty face wash!’


Via HelloU

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