Check into the greenest resort in Thailand, just 40 minutes from Bangkok

Going Green

The only way to access the Bangkok Tree House is by boat, bike or foot. There are no air-conditioners in public spaces here, nor are there indoor showers. But what this tree house does have will blow you away. This place is one of the most eco-conscious destinations in Thailand, offering an ABC of green living for guests.

At the Bangkok Tree House, guest rooms are surrounded by air cleaning plants that help purify the air and produce more oxygen. Cooking is done via solar cookers with only seasonal ingredients that are grown on the hotel premises. And if that wasn’t enough, the Bangkok Tree House also has a hiring policy of hiring only locals who live within walking distance from the Tree House to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We interviewed the staff of Bangkok Tree House to find out more about this innovative place.

Can you tell us a little about the concept behind the Bangkok Treehouse Resort?

‘The main concept of Bangkok Tree House is a hotel that blends into its surrounding nature, located in the Green Lung of Bangkok. We tried to build a hotel that causes the least effect to the area. A minimal amount of trees were cut during the construction and our eco-friendly hotel policies were set to minimize the impact on the environment.

‘We use mirrors for exterior decoration, which help keep our hotel green with the surrounding trees. And the room decoration themes are fire-fly, bee and ant. These bugs are the local residents who lived here long before we did. We only keep them away from our guest rooms by using local herb insect repellent’.

Who came up with the idea of an eco-conscious resort?

‘The founder was Mr. Joe. He was one of many people that fell in love with the Green Lung area of Bangkok and came up with the eco-friendly hotel concept’.

What can guests expect here as opposed to other places?

‘We can offer a unique close-to-nature experience for all our guests, including a green cycling route along Chao-Pra-Ya river, which is the biggest river that cuts through Bangkok city. Floating market shopping. Various kinds of vegan and fusion Thai food and a firefly watching tour at night’.

Can you tell us more about the resort’s zero waste goal?

‘These are what we have done so far; we use organic waste to produce fertilizer for our plants. All the plastic used will be separated for recycling. The light system in our hotel is powered by solar and wind energy. And with every check-in, we pick up 1 kg of trash from Chao-Pra-Ya river. Now, we might be far from the zero waste goal, but it is still our main target’.

Do you have an on-site restaurant?

‘Yes, we have. The restaurant serves Thai, Thai fusion and Vegan food’.

How far away from downtown Bangkok is the resort?

‘It takes around 40 mins from the centre of Bangkok to our hotel’.

Gotta visit? Check out Bangkok Tree House here and follow the tree house on Facebook to keep up to date on beautiful new additions to the resort.

Bangkok Tree House
Bangkok Tree House
Bangkok Tree House
Bangkok Tree House
Bangkok Tree House
Bangkok Tree House

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