Japan keeps train station running for just this one passenger

In a remote town in Hokkaido, Japan, the Kami-Shirataki train station – which is long overdue to close permanently – has been kept running to serve one passenger: a girl who uses it to go to school.

With birthrates declining in the country, Japan’s railways are rapidly running out of business. This means shutting down entire train lines due to low ridership. Included is the Kami-Shirataki train station. However, Japan Railway decided to make an exception and kept the defunct station open for the girl so she can attend high school.

The train stops there only twice a day. One in the morning to pick her up, and one in the afternoon to drop her off after school. They’ve been doing this for three years now and will end in March, when the high schooler finally graduates.

Citizens have lauded the government for valuing the girl’s education. ‘Why should I not want to die for a country like this when the government is ready to go an extra mile just for me’, said one commenter. ‘This is the meaning of good governance penetrating right to the grassroot level. Every citizen matters. No Child left behind!’

Ah, Japan. You never fail to amaze – even if you’re so weird (see: Japanese game shows) at times!

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